The Importance of assessment for your child and all students.

There are three types of assessment:



and summative. 

The three types of assessment: diagnostic, formative, and summative. Although they are generally referred to simply as assessment, there are distinct differences between the three. 

Diagnostic Assessment 

Diagnostic assessment can help you identify your child's current knowledge of the subject, their skill sets and capabilities, and to clarify levels before teaching takes place. Knowing our students' strengths and weaknesses will help us better plan what to teach and how to teach it to your child.  

Types of Diagnostic Assessments

  • Pre-tests (on content and abilities) 
  • Self-assessments (identifying skills and competencies) 
  • Discussion board responses (on content-specific prompts) 
  • Interviews (brief, private, 10-minute interview) 



Formative Assessment and Summative

Formative Assessment 

Formative assessment provides feedback and information during the instructional process, while learning is taking place, and while learning is occurring. Formative assessment measures your child progress and also assess our own progress as teachers, to know when and where to make modifications or when to implement a new activity in class. A primary focus of formative assessment is to identify areas that may need improvement. These assessments are not graded but we use this information as a gauge to our students' learning progress and to determine teaching effectiveness. Our vast experience teaching in FE has taught us the importance of continuous assessments, setting goals and interactive stimulants as part of of students' learning. We have discovered that learners who failed at school, lacked diagnostics, assessment and regular feedback stimulation. 

Summative assessment

At the end of the 3rd session, we informally ask students questions which might be in a future exam to see if they truly understand the material.

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